Measuring Ideas

Some people talk about ideas in terms of being big or small. The idea itself is not measurable beyond a couple firings of neurons somewhere in our brain.

What IS measurable is the impact of the idea – the number of people involved in it, the amount of #change it brings, the #value it creates, and anything that happens after the #idea is shared.

#Maximizing the impact of ideas is about sharing them in ways that build genuine connections with with other people. Great #influencers learn how to refine and present their ideas to that others can buy-in and believe they are possible.

This can be accomplished simply by sharing ways they will benefit personally (or benefit causes or other ideas they already support) without destroying nature of the idea.

Rejections, refusals, and comments about being crazy are not to be taken personally or to indicate the quality of the idea. They are merely feedback that your #audience did not receive the proper message at the proper time. Keep trying and changing variables slightly

Most of all, keep sharing ideas boldly. It is the only way they gain value!


10 Aug 2018

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