Clarifying Business Terminology

Each of the words on the right are only a portion of the tasks or elements associated with the term on the left. They are not all-encompassing, yet seem to get the focus of attention. 

They are NOT interchangeable. 

The more we understand that marketing, selling, and leading are natural to the human experience, we can start to see that embracing humanity is critical to improving them. With more humanity, we will depend less on the words to the right to deliver the terms on the left. 

I want to bring more humanity to business, especially the way we grow our businesses.

How does MARKETING look and feel through the lens of humanity?

A connection to community, products, and ideas that I find interesting. 

An opportunity to learn and engage on my terms, and contribute/participate when I am ready.

“I feel good here (here being a physical place or among thoughts). I belong.”

How does SELLING look and feel through lens of humanity?

An opportunity to invest and participate in a way that solves a problem I have.

A strategic partnership between 2 or more co-aligned parties where everyone benefits or gains.

“I am part of this. This is how we act and how we grow together.”

How does LEADING look and feel through lens of humanity?

A system (both formal and informal) of communication between everyone to efficiently identify and solve challenges.

We are building something new together and we all get to contribute.

“We trust and depend on each other. We want to make things better.”

We are seeing waves of backlash to old ways of doing things. It applies to talent systems and people management; sales processes and contracts; growth targets and metrics, etc. 

A human-centric approach is critical to business growth in the 21st Century. If we look for it, we can see instances of brands that put similar ideas into practice that are quickly building momentum, respect and revenues. 


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