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Contract Chief Marketing Officer

Bring holistic, strategic, and long-term ideas to help privately-owned businesses grow.

I believe in delivering value to each client, associate, and strategic partner – value that all parties can both appreciate and apply today, as well as in future. Sustainability happens when we make decisions that make a better today AND a better tomorrow. Profits are not the goal; they are merely a reward for delivering exceptional service.

Advantages of CMO for Hire model:
Match expenses with cash-flow. Each program is custom designed to balance the specific needs and budgets of clients while producing measurable results.

Greater diversity in ideas. Working with multiple clients allows me access to more ideas, disciplines, and experiences. This helps break through the ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ mentality that often hinders new growth.

Specialized Effectiveness. With a focus of integrating strategic marketing to help clients grow; I take time to understand the unique ways your business operates and connects with people; then introduce ideas to make it more effective and efficient. Often the most immediate growth comes from updating internal systems and processes.

Common Questions:
How are you different from an advertising agency or design company?
A CMO is an internal position designed to unify a variety of ideas under one cohesive strategy for growth. I start by getting to know the skills, passions, and expertise of the business culture and seek to communicate these strengths authentically and consistently. This ‘brand voice’ is then represented through leadership, sales efforts, public relations, design, and a variety of media outlets.

What is fee structure? Can I afford a CMO?
I design fee structures to be flexible, yet fair to all. We only start projects once details and responsibilities have been clearly identified and a benefit has been established. Fees are assessed as a reflection of this value. Many clients start with a couple projects (6-12 weeks) and then shift into a retainer schedule. Retainer programs range from 6-18 months; are based on need approximations; and include performance bonuses where appropriate.

What is your experience and background?
25+ years of formal leadership training
20+ years various entrepreneurial endeavors
15+ years direct sales (multiple industries and companies)
8 years in advertising and promotional agencies
10 years focused on launching new businesses, market segments, and territories.
National recognition (various awards, prizes, and honors) for sales excellence, campaign design, and presentation.
Business Degrees in both Marketing and Management.

What types of services do you commonly deliver?
Strategic Marketing Plan (12-18 month goals)
Business model (plan) creation and evaluation
Business development & growth strategies
Training & coaching (sales, marketing, service, etc)
Leadership through change processes
Competitive analysis and market intelligence
Value proposition
Pricing platforms
Brand experience design
Sales process design and management

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