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I have been fortunate in making connections across different industries and countries. Occasionally, I get invited to contribute to their platforms. Here are a few of my favorites

For, I made a short series called Inside The Whiskey Kitchen where I shared some of my favorite food recipes that featured whiskey or bourbon. I was responsible for creating recipes, writing, and photography – wanting it to convey deliciousness that can come about with simplicity and an everyday (small) kitchen.

Intro to The Whiskey Kitchen: Gourmet Catsup, Bourbon Salted Caramel Sauce, and Bourbon-Braised Chicken.

Fiery Ginger-bourbon Shrimp and Rice

Rye, Berries, and Cream

People Discovery Group:
A Human Relations Consulting group in UK

For People Discovery, I was commissioned to write articles about leadership and talent development for their monthly digital magazine. The hosting format changed several times as new technologies were available (in 2013).

Managing Your Talent in 3D

Celebrate Every Moment

The Soup Method For Building Teams

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