David R Frick
is focused on building transformational change in today’s business environment.

I bring my passions to work! 

They help me connect with team members, clients, and stakeholders across diverse audiences. They help me define and refine who I am while continuing to grow. They help me direct my energies and provide opportunities to re-energize me.

I know that each of these passions comes with a volume/intensity control and constantly make adjustments to meet the needs of different situations.

Here are some of my passions.

PEOPLE: I love working with people with different experiences, perspectives, strengths, skills, education, and yes … gender, ethnicity, and background.

Working with this diversity helps assure solutions are designed to connect with people authentically.

It is difficult sometimes. I trip over words and even say ‘wrong things’.

I accept criticism, comments, and corrections – sometimes better than others. Even when it hurts me to hear it, I am grateful for the lesson.

PLANET: I love the outdoors – hiking trails, breathing fresh air, scenic views of natural beauty, photography, travel, and so forth. I also love the indoors – air conditioning, fast WiFi, convenient grocery shopping, airplanes, and more. I strive for balance and believe we can make hundreds of little decisions each day that allow us to enjoy it all while also ensuring future generations can as well.

BUSINESS: I love building brands that connect with real people and bring them products and solutions that benefit us all. I love design-thinking to help solve big challenges with elegance and thoughtfulness. I love the variety of ways business structures can benefit people, the planet, and profits with authenticity and transparency.

I am inspired by businesses that operate in the following:
Public Benefit Corporation
Fair Trade



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