How Do You Harness Engagement?

How do you build #engagement beyond social and digital platforms?

Many consider engagement strictly as a buying signal and assign points or metrics as a form of progress towards a purchase.

But there are many times when engagement is consistently very high, yet there is no opportunity to transact.
– Industry Incompatibility: maybe respectful peers like what you have to say.
– No direct need (yet): All systems are good on our end thanks to the regular drip of content as guidance.
– No ability to buy: I am a big fan, but my layers of bosses are not interested.
– Price or scope misalignment: Too big, not big enough, or involving ‘commitment issues’

This type of high engagement might be signaling the need for product differentiation.

Books, ebooks, coffee mugs, shirts, and stickers are convenient ways to monetize engagement – especially when you consider how easy they are to produce with near-$0 inventory investments.

Prints, posters, and even virtual backgrounds are great ways to help add life and personality to digital interactions.

#Ambassador and #Advocate programs are also extremely powerful ways to build genuine relationships with fans/followers while adding depth and good complexity to sales and marketing efforts.

#Marketing is best when it is like multi-dimensional; just like #humanity.


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