Ideal Clients Are Not Always Ideal

It is easy to describe ideal clients/customers as being … well… perfect. As in:
– Easy to identify and find digitally
– Already know they have a problem or challenge
– Currently looking for solution options
– Funding approved
– Ready to buy

While some of these attributes ARE available, they alone are not likely to sustain your growth goals, or they will challenge you too much with their demands.

Like a rough diamond, there is tremendous value in the actual process of shaping it into a finished product. The same applies to your ideal buyers. 

Open your parameters a bit to engage with buyers earlier in their journey.

Great marketing plans do the following:
– Help buyers understand that they have problems, and how to identify certain types (relevant to your products). 
– Lead buyers through the introspection required to establish their value of that problem (both in the cost of problem as well as the benefits of having it solved). 
– Nurture the feeling of partnership and emotional connection (they see themselves in your product).
– Inspire trust and confidence.
– Minimize barriers and concerns that otherwise hinder purchase.

These are essential elements in the process to purchase.

As you might guess, this often takes time to build momentum. Even worse is that you won’t be able to track or identify all the interactions. But once it is built, it will continue to grow and become both more effective AND more efficient at providing more opportunities to grow over the long term. 

It will ALSO help identify those buyers further along their journey, allowing them to connect with you when they are ready to buy. 


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