Everything is Marketing. Marketing is Everything!

Everything we do and don’t do communicates something about us, our values, preferences, and personalities. It helps us build trust and social bonds to those around us, as well as to seek other places/groups where we can easily connect. This applies to individuals, small business entities, and large corporations equally. 

Humans evolved to communicate at exceptional levels. Hundreds of other intelligent species communicate through elaborate vocalizations, gestures, posturing, facial expressions, and other non-verbal methods.

But humans are the only ones to develop systems of drawing and writing.

As a naturalist, it is almost like we were made to communicate trust, belonging, and value in diverse ways.

As a naturalist, it is almost like we were made for commerce and exchange (think beyond the obvious methods of sales, bravado, or extroversion).

In its purest sense, marketing is merely the act of bringing guiding context to all this communication. I help individuals, emerging ideas, and established brands find natural and effective ways to do marketing. 


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