Listen, connect, innovate.

These three words will do wonders in EVERY relationship you have – both business and personal. As simple as it sounds, it represents a lifetime commitment of practice, patience, getting it wrong, and improving.

It must start here. Hear the words others say as well as what they don’t say. By following the ‘anatomic rule’ (two ears; one mouth; listen twice as much as you talk) will give you opportunity to learn about them. And, without saying anything, you will communicate volumes about you! 

When you do talk, be sure to check assumptions for accuracy!

Human connection is something we all seek. It drives even the most introverted people! It begins with listening, caring, and seeing value in the connection. It can take on any form: physical touch, in-person, video/phone, text/email, virtual/new technologies – often intricate combinations of them all. 

Be genuinely yourself.

Bring something new, missing, valuable based on your listening, and level of connection.

A look, touch, silly remark. 
A new perspective, tactic, or resource. 
A moment, breath, memorable experience. 
An idea, music, poetry. 
A gift, flowers, book, bottle of champaign. 
A celebration, commiseration, adventure.


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