You’ve likely heard it many times before, story is important to your brand.

What is most fascinating is that it is less about the story you tell, and more about the story people say over and over within their own mind.

You get to influence their story of you through the following:
– content
– ads
– reviews by others
– social posts
– all other interactions over time

it helps to write or plan your story before you start to tell it. Here are a few ideas to gather and communicate.
– Help them identify a challenge.
– Share insights on how others have benefitted
– Help them do or look their best
– Build confidence and inspire trust

It is not immediate. Each story is like a dam constructed with earth, sticks and rocks. The materials may be simple, available to everyone, and easily overlooked. When used together with a solid strategy, they can change an entire landscape!


2 responses to “Story is EVERYTHING”

  1. Many thanks for sharing these tips! I’m sure they will be a help to many readers.

    Your brand story is the story that people tell to themselves over and over again. It is the story that you help to create, write, and plan. The story helps you create confidence and inspire trust. By helping people identify a challenge, writing insights on how others have benefited, and helping them do or look their best, you can help them build a story that will last for years.


    1. Thanks for the comment and support, Patrice!

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