How To Prioritize

Ever come out of a strategic meeting with TOO MANY PRIORITIES?

It might be a sign that they actually aren’t priorities and might benefit by a system.

Feel free to apply, adapt, and/or share this simple one.

1: GET PHYSICAL: not like fisticuffs! Write the following down on paper or whiteboard (avoid software as much as possible) for each of the initiatives.
– details
– needs
– objectives
– ALL necessary resources (time, talent, budget, tools, data, etc.)

2: BUILD URGENCY: Score each initiative 1-10 on Importance and Benefit. Then identify the 2 Most limited resources. Plot them in some way to easily compare.

– Start: When does it need to start (time of year, month, day, etc. OR establish minimum resource threshold)
– Stop: How to stop short (incomplete) and either cut losses, or incorporate efforts into another initiative.
– Deadlines, due-dates, and other measures of completion.

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