The Thin Line Separating Crazy from Genius

The distance between “Crazy” and “Genius” is measured in tenths of millimeters and often comes down to 3 categories – #Practicality, #Audience, and #Messaging.

Here are some questions to help bring clarity to each of these categories. The more you invest in them, the more you will develop unlimited value, markets, and revenues.

How does it benefit, bring joy, solve challenges, or otherwise improve some aspect of life?

Challenge yourself/team to write down 100 answers to the above question. To reach this number, you will need to rely on creativity. ‘Silly’ and ‘unfathomable’ ideas are required! Editing, organizing, and adding details are best done after reaching 100. 

Who will benefits or experiences joy? 
Who faces the challenge you solve? Do they know the challenge exists? Or how it impacts them?
How might you find or identify these people/groups/individuals? (Where do they go, do, trust?)
Who might benefit or help along the way (retailers, distributers, platforms, etc.)

These questions will help you get a sense of who the audience is, and aspects of their situation. More importantly, it can indicate potential size and scope. Are we talking hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions of people to benefit?

What will get their attention… interest… and concern?
What will get them to trust you, and act accordingly. 
What do you want them to do? 

Do this for each and every different audience segment. Be specific about how they can get involved and/or support, where to buy, how to invest, where to give testimonials and reviews. 

Working through these three categories is a great process of refining your idea and showing that CRAZY DOES NOT PREVENT GENIUS.


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