Easy Is Always Better

One way to gain huge advantages in the minds of the human buyers and users is to make things simple. 

Einstein has been famously attributed to a reminder to us all that if we can’t explain it simply enough for a 5th grader, we don’t understand it well enough. This applies to Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Legal, HR, Marketing Automation, Content Strategy, Sales Processes, Sales Promotions, and so much more. 

Communicate in plain language – using the language, situations, tools, and resources of your ideal clients. 

Make it easy for them to understand the benefits of partnering with you for solutions.

Make it easy to converse with you.

Make it easy to start, change, and end services with you. 

Make it easy for them to pay you.

All of this shows that you understand them; you actually care about the relationship with them; and you can help them grow together.

When done well, this is one of the most powerful competitive advantages a brand can create!

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