Each of us has a virtual workforce that is capable of amazing things! It is more reliable than any collection of human beings. It’s as consistent as machines; without the expense and maintenance. It’s easy to train, and once set – is extremely resistant to change. Though the investment is low; the yield is remarkably high. It even works effectively with minimal supervision.

I am talking about the more than 10,000 habits that each of us own. Treat them as your private workforce and the possibilities are endless. Ignore them however, and they will be your demise. Here are a few things to keep in mind about your habits.

First; habits don’t care if their task is positive, negative, short-term, long-term, frequently used or not; when they are called upon – they deliver. They don’t care if they are in direct conflict with others, (as they often are); and will be happy to bring you a net result of zero. It pays to know what your habits are and how they were trained.

Second: You cannot simply ‘quit’ a habit. They have to be replaced or re-trained. All it takes is a firm approach and the repetition of specific action until it becomes an automatic response. The time invested in training these habits will always bring a positive reward.

Take a minute and think about how your business could be improved if you refined just a handful of your habits. How would your business change if you developed just one or two of the following habits?

Networking and prospecting
Being prepared… and early
Ask engaging questions
Active Listening
Start conversations with a genuine compliment
Ask for the order (or referral)
Return voicemails within 24 hours
Sincerely thank customers
Follow-up with past customers from 5 days, 30 days and 60 days

After knowing this, it is easy to understand why Aristotle said “Excellence is not an act… it is a HABIT.”

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