Gravity is a natural law that is unrelenting, inevitable, predictable and consistent.

So is change!

The constant pull of gravity is what determines the orbit of Earth in relation to the sun; and gives us the ever-changing seasons spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Gravity causes change!

As humans, we not only accept gravity, but we embrace it. The way we eat and drink, play, work, sleep and move all rely on gravity. NASA has to use about 10,000 inches of Velcro during each space mission to prevent objects from floating away when there is no gravity.

For those still needing to accept and embrace change; I offer a short list of things to consider when bringing up the next change to your team or clients:
*  Involve people (of all levels) in planning or implementing the change
*  Focus on the positive benefits of implementing the change
*  Build momentum with past successful changes
*  Think small steps
*  Remove emotion whenever possible
*  Offer incentives for early adopters
*  Incorporate re-training activities
*  Distribute ‘Free Complaint Card’ to each person – after this is used, future complaints must be accompanied by at least 2 viable solutions

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