Better Questions

Great #interviewers and #entrepreneurs are often known for asking #powerful, simple, concise, #cutting, and BIG questions. While they do make their share of #assumptions from time to time, they are followed with more #questions.

Better questions aren’t just about getting better #answers. They prime our #curiosity and #imagination, open our minds to #solutions, help us #understand our current situation with newer perspectives, and help us focus our #attention.

Like #Washington, #Fleming, #Edison, #Earhart, #Blakely, #Oprah, and so many others; this focused attention is what tunes out unnecessary distractions and begins epic journeys.

It is while on these journeys that nearly every groundbreaking discovery is made – not just the ones that made it into patents, but the ones that revealed deep insights about the essential relationships that make things work.


Are you ready to ask better questions?

3 July 2018

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