Blazing New Trails

Teamwork means going together

“If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

People are the key to a 21st Century business. They are not a mere resource that needs to be managed. They are the most valuable asset to an organization and the driving force behind growing businesses. The job of an entrepreneur or leader is to build systems, opportunities, and situations that allow your people to contribute their best to you and be an active part of your journey.

Here are four categories to help focus and align operations with your Compelling Purpose to effectively grow over the coming decades.

Think of talents as the recurring thoughts, feelings, or behaviors each of us have and choose to apply. While we are born with these tendencies; they absolutely grow with us throughout our lives and careers.

Our talents need different types of scenarios and situations to show their value. This makes it simple to understand how when we engage in tasks that fit within our specific talents, we are energized. And when we engage in tasks that do not fit within our talents, we are drained.

21st Century businesses will shift from seeking people with ‘proper experience’ to do a range of tasks; to finding people with ‘ideal talents’ who will be energized by the tasks you need done. It is already happening as the trends of outsourcing, or temporary contracting.

We define collaboration as the process of working together to achieve mutually agreed best results. It is not about negotiation where sides concede aspects of their desired outcome. It is about working together to create something better than anyone could have done by himself or herself.

The idea of collaboration is only possible within the framework of one shared purpose, vision, and language. It is further made easy with an understanding of each other’s talents, and the fact that everyone has value to contribute. In collaboration, each individual’s strengths are seen as ‘opportunities to contribute to others’ while weaknesses are ‘opportunities for others to contribute‘. Collaboration allows each participant to contribute his or her strengths for the betterment of the organization.

21st Century businesses need to not only master the art of collaboration, but be able to do so across distance, time, various media, and through complex combinations of roles and positions.

Relationship With Conflict
The complexity and pressure of collaboration will often bring about differing or opposing ideas, opinions, and expectations known as conflict. This is something to be embraced rather than avoided. It is in collaborating through the very conflict that we get the most powerful ideas and solutions.

21st Century businesses will discover ways to leverage conflict in positive ways wherever it happens; be it external, internal, or even away from the office.

As soon as you implement systems that create adequate fuel for talent and collaborate together through a healthy relationship with conflict; great things are bound to happen! Responding precisely to these successes in the right way, at the right time, and for the right reason will actually build the momentum towards bigger and better successes.

Keep in mind that individuals are motivated differently than they are satisfied. Quite often something that highly motivates one person might hardly satisfy (or even de-motivate) others. More importantly, motivation is of little impact when people are not yet fully satisfied.

21st Century businesses need to devise systems to assure that celebrations are done in ways that honor, satisfy, and motivate both individuals and groups to continue contributing their talents and ideas.


For as much emphasis we have on ‘fast-growth’ companies; starting a business is about traveling a long distance. It is NOT a journey to be taken solo! The advantages of teamwork have been around for centuries and that they will continue to be relevant for centuries to come.

Your business venture will directly benefit from the encouragement, protection, sharing of tasks/labor, diverse areas of expertise, and more that are contributed by the people you invite to join your endeavor.

How are you working with the dynamic contributions of your team?



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david r frick is a business artist and founder of SuccessVentures – a
consulting firm focused on helping owners and entrepreneurs through
a holistic approach to building organizations that meet the needs
of the 21st Century business environments.
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