Creativity is capital

Each of us has unlimited capacity to increase our value. Each of us has unlimited capacity to create!

Our #imagination, interpretations, and #insights grow more and more keen with every experience. They represent our largest, and mostly untapped, opportunity to contribute to the world.

#Creativity is a natural state of #humanity, making it infinitely #abundant. It is so omnipresent that most of us take it for granted and neither realize how often we use it, nor the impacts it makes on the lives around us.

Simply put, creativity is our way of #expressing, #communicating, and #sharing our world with others. The more often we use our creativity, the more we trust it and the more sophisticated it gets.

It is easy to look at our ‘revered masters’ and become discouraged that we won’t make an impact like they did. Remember that each of them have thousands of influences throughout their lives that helped shape the way they see and re-present the world

Here is a short list of things we all create:
Smiles, joy, happiness, excitement, peace, anticipation.
Change, discomfort, solutions.
Connections, understanding, opportunities.
Memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Know that you are a creative master, and have always been.

What will you create now?


5 July 2018

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